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I've wanted to be a filmmaker ever since I can remember. It started way back in school, when I badgered my father into buying me a Sony Handycam that shot on Digital 8 tapes.  Although I did study filmmaking during college, I believe I learnt more on the job. Early gigs included assisting Sujoy Ghosh on Kahaani, and working with Sumantra Ghoshal on his documentary films as a cinematographer. 

I thoroughly enjoy telling stories, particularly in the advertising space - be it a few seconds, or better still, a longer film running into several minutes. I also lookout for opportunities as a cinematographer, but mostly for non-fiction. There’s something about shooting documentaries that I have always enjoyed. Given a chance, I’d love to take a stab at fashion too.

Do reach out if you have something in mind. The best way is to write to me: simblythomas@gmail.com



P.S.: That flattering picture of mine is by the lovely Sajna Sivan.
Find her better work at www.sajnasivan.in