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I've wanted to be a filmmaker ever since I can remember. It started way back in school, when I badgered my father into buying me a Sony Handycam that shot on Digital 8 tapes.  Although I did study filmmaking during college, I believe I learnt more on the job. Early gigs included assisting Sujoy Ghosh on Kahaani, and working with Sumantra Ghoshal on his documentary films as a cinematographer. 

A year ago, I might've told you about the production house that I co-founded, but I'm a free agent now. Mostly directing ad films, while making slow progress on that feature script of mine. I'm also an occasional cinematographer. I love shooting documentaries the most, but I look out for fashion films as well. 

I'm averse to social media, so you won't find me on facebook and suchlike. But you can follow my work on vimeo: vimeo.com/simbly

I'm always on the look out for interesting people to collaborate with, so do reach out if you have something in mind. The best way is to write to me: simblythomas@gmail.com



P.S.: That flattering picture of mine is by the lovely Sajna Sivan.
Find her better work at www.sajnasivan.in